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Latest Episode: The Philosophy of Success with Dr Steven Segal

season 1, episode 1

Welcome to the show

I’m your host, Paul Greenberg.

My first love was psychology. I commenced psychology studies in 1978, as a self described ‘people’s person’. In truth, I had lived with a parent who had an untreated mood disorder. Tough for the family, tougher for Dad, no doubt. My first work in psychological services was as a young intern, conscripted to Psychological Service – Medical Corps, in the South African Defence Force (two years conscription or three years jail – choose). These two years contributed to turning me away from any interest in the clinical aspects of psychology. Like many young conscripts during those apartheid years, we saw too much, too soon. This led me to organisational psychology roles, before I stumbled into  entrepreneurship via a family-owned retail business. My move to Australia in the mid 90’s saw a shift to online retail and ecommerce. Right time, right place. I maintained my registration as a psychologist in Australia but did not practice in the field. With the onset of COVID19, on a whim, I offered pro-bono counselling services to my network on LinkedIn. I hoped that my psychology qualifications combined with over three decades of starting and running businesses could be a useful catalyst for those struggling with the rupture brought about by Coronavirus. A myriad of conversations with incredible people – via an eHealth platform – was the ultimate inspiration for Shrink to Greatness, a vodcast of insightful and hopefully inspirational conversations. Shrink, that’s me; Greatness, that’s you. I hope you will be entertained, moved, and inspired by these Podcasts in the Barn, on our lovely eco-retreat on Sydney’s northern fringe.

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